Report Date: 06/12/2006

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Schroeder's Gallilieo

Reg Name: Schroeder's Gallilieo
Reg #: TR433814/03 Breed/Variety: Chihuahua
Birth Date: 09/23/2005 Sex: Male
Colors/Markings: Red Spotted On White
Breeder(s): Donna Schroeder

Schroeder's Gallilieo
Red Spotted On White
Davishall Guadalupe
TP075383/01 05-03
Black & Tan White Markings
AKC DNA #V385596
Sho-Me's The Way To Davishall
TN046738/01 09-95
AKC DNA #V121810
CH Ouachitah Mister Snow Bliss
TD142153 07-90
CH Ouachitah For Your Eyes Only
TB972426 10-83
CH Dartans Elfin Magic
TB852427 04-82
Fawn & White
CH Ouachitah Sundrop
TB575518 07-80
CH Dartan's Super Star
TC283837 04-86
Black & Tan
CH Dartan's Yogi Bear
TC030352 08-83
Fawn & White
Dartan's Mazie
TB951054 07-83
Fawn & White
Sho-Me's Choco-Lata
TM867331/02 03-94
Chocolate & Fawn
Hurd's Just My Bill
TD289014 12-91
CH Bliss Hoosier Boy Named Sue
TC803391 04-89
CH Hurd's Gayela
TC901871 05-90
Black & Tan
Sho-Me's Trudy
TM603071/02 01-93
Artmar's Lancer
TD077196 11-89
Chocolate & White
Char-Bils Golden Taffy Coco
TC899055 04-89
Davishall Just About Snowtime
TN354014/04 01-97
Black Spotted On White
Hurd's Just My Bill
TD289014 12-91
CH Bliss Hoosier Boy Named Sue
TC803391 04-89
CH Ouachitah Beau Chiene
TC586575 02-88
AKC DNA #P8189
CH Bliss' Smidgen O' Hackispack
TC565437 02-88
CH Hurd's Gayela
TC901871 05-90
Black & Tan
CH Bliss Hoosier Porky Pig
TC267422 05-85
Fawn & White
Hurd's Raven Beauty
TC430255 12-86
Black & Tan
Sho-Me's Pokey
TM556765/02 10-92
Black & White Tan Markings
Hurd's Gotcha Eyes-On-Me
TD065870 09-90
CH Dartan's Barbary Coast
TC150371 03-85
Black & Tan
Hurd's Hilda The Snowgirl
TC686430 04-89
Niemann's Royal Princess
TC347407 10-85
Black & White
Gorgeous Silky Boy
TC173536 04-84
Black & Tan
Zett's Princess
TC082921 09-83
Black & Tan
Sun Shine's Blue Eyed Dotty
TR142588/03 12-04
Fawn Spotted On White
Kat's Mi Amigo Too!
TN863280/03 04-00
Fawn & White
AKC DNA #V121051
Sunshine's N' Starjack's Amigo
TM975605/03 01-95
White & Fawn
CH Starjacks' Pebbles
TM723645/03 09-93
Fawn & White
Alorna's Desert Mirage
TM620222/03 01-92
Fawn & White
Starjack's Butterfly
TD407510 01-92
Black & White
Starjack's Pop-Tart
TM713130/03 09-93
Starjack 'N Tranten Kid Curry
TD044899 05-90
Fawn & White
Starjack's N Jimbobs Pippi
TD181918 05-90
Black & Tan
Sun-Shine's Mindy
TN443063/03 09-98
Fawn & White
Iam Bo Dynamite
TN172423/01 07-96
Red White Markings
AKC DNA #V129202
CH Jobarb' N' Tranten's Bo Getter
TC202193 05-85
Legere's Tuffy
TD399598 03-92
Black & Tan
Greenhaven's Carrie O'Kee
TN212245/02 01-97
Red White Markings
CH Will O'Wisp Li'l Classy Chasis CD
TM861283/02 10-93
Greenhaven's Foxy Roxy
TM708294/02 01-94
Black & White
Sun Shine's Blue Eyed Sonya
TP060424/01 10-01
Fawn Spotted On White
Meadowbrook's Homeboy
TN725461/02 12-99
Blue & Tan
AKC DNA #V67496
Barefield's Blue Harley
TN427452/03 11-97
Blue & Tan
AKC DNA #V91191
McKinney's Wiley Ote
TM837068/04 02-94
Black & Tan
Classic's Blue D-D-Dotty
TM701166/01 09-94
Blue Black Markings
Barefield's Blue Blessing
TN350767/01 01-97
Blue & Tan White Markings
Micheal Jordan Twenty-Three
TN204803/02 06-96
Black White Markings
Tinkerbell Rose Lee
TN204348/01 06-96
Fawn White Markings
Meadowbrook's Blue Belle
TN636985/01 04-00
Blue & Tan Spotted On White
Valerie's Blueberry
TN424594/01 03-98
Blue White Markings
AKC DNA #V92153
Garretts Mack D
TN184374/02 06-96
Fawn & White Fawn Markings
Garretts Tiny Peanut Gallery
TM993608/05 04-95
White & Black White Markings
Miss Daisy May Diva
TM881982/04 03-94
Fawn & White
Slo-Bars Snoppy
TD332945 01-92
Black & White
Barefield's Honeysnekle Rose
TD380948 01-92
Fawn & White

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