Report Date: 07/17/2005

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
CH Davishall Patriot Scout

Reg Name: CH Davishall Patriot Scout
Reg #: TR147444/01 12-04 Breed/Variety: Chihuahua
Birth Date: 08/20/2003 Sex: Male
Colors/Markings: Cream
Breeder(s): Wade H Davis Jr.

CH Davishall Patriot Scout
TR147444/01 12-04
AKC DNA #V350278
CH Davishall Cub Scout
TP203282/01 12-03
Cream White Markings
CH Bk's Eagle Scout SC
TN940296/01 10-01
Fawn White Markings
AKC DNA #V321899
CH Bk's Dr Dolittle
TN665715/01 08-99
Fawn Spotted On White
AKC DNA #V65049
CH Bk's Jolly Roger
TN301286/01 02-97
Fawn Spotted On White
AKC DNA #V64520
CH Ouachitah Pieces Of Eight
TN062025/01 02-96
White & Fawn
AKC DNA #V87581
CH Bk's Suzy Snowflake Regnier
TM791066/04 01-95
White Fawn Markings
CH Bk's Gemma
TN261216/04 06-97
Cream White Markings
Bk's Bugle Boy
TM964646/01 09-94
White & Fawn
Annine's Ice Follies
TM943605/01 07-93 (United Kingdom)
Cream & White
CH Bk's Scout's Honor
TN570976/01 11-98
Black & Tan White Markings
(Not Available Online) (Not Available Online)
(Not Available Online)
CH Bk's Brownie Scout
TN216782/01 11-97
Chocolate & Tan White Markings
Bk'n Starjack Ziegfeld Folly
TN074518/01 03-95
Bk's Little Miss Marker
TN042593/04 06-95
White & Black
Davishall Bobxena Zsa Zsa
TN895666/01 03-01
Chocolate White Markings
Sho-Me's The Way To Davishall
TN046738/01 09-95
AKC DNA #V121810
CH Ouachitah Mister Snow Bliss
TD142153 07-90
CH Ouachitah For Your Eyes Only
TB972426 10-83
CH Dartan's Super Star
TC283837 04-86
Black & Tan
Sho-Me's Choco-Lata
TM867331/02 03-94
Chocolate & Fawn
Hurd's Just My Bill
TD289014 12-91
Sho-Me's Trudy
TM603071/02 01-93
Farlo's Texhan Abigail Xena
TN324361/05 05-98
Chocolate Spotted On White
Farlo's Texas Ranger
TN015535/01 04-95
White & Black
CH Hallman's King Creole
TC474893 12-86
Black & White
Char-Bils Partytime Dancer
TM587372/01 12-91
Black & White
Farlo's Happy Hannah L
TM696352/06 03-93
Chocolate & White
Mask Hank
TD374810 08-91
Fawn & White Black Mask
Mask Peanut
TD130412 10-91
Davishall Proud Mary
TP084107/02 05-02
CH Davishall Black Bart O' BK
TN696461/04 05-00
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V128340
CH Rostone Miracle Vagabond
TN258210/01 08-96
Red Black Sabling
CH Rostone Vagabond Promise
TM989460/02 01-95
Red Black Mask
Jocal Senator Stone
TM787288/03 06-93
Black & Tan White Markings
CH K-W's Easter Promise-L
TD133316 09-91
White & Sable
Rostone Barli's Country Girl
TN080178/04 10-95
Fawn White Markings
(Not Available Online)
Rostone Schatz Barli Alorna
TM911940/01 06-94
Chocolate & Fawn White Markings
CH Bk's Frilly Tilly
TN132777/01 02-97
Red Spotted On White
CH Alorna Bk's Cottontop
TM736063/01 10-92
White Fawn Markings
AKC DNA #V68545
CH Alorna's Top Gun
TD104115 08-90
Black & Tan
Alorna's Cotton Candy
TC942263 11-89
Fawn & White
CH Bk's Make Mine Butterscotch
TM641194/02 08-92
CH Alorna's Tu Be Or Not Tu Be
TD299225 02-91
Black & White
Bk's Frillie Tillie Regnier
TD142540 09-90
White & Sable
Davishall Dustbuster Darcie
TN499681/04 11-98
Five Star's Dustbuster Haybrk
TN077079/03 06-95
Fawn Sable
AKC DNA #V166295
CH Jo-El's Stormy Weather
TM842045/01 03-94
CH Jo-El's Drummer Boy
TC327655 01-87
Jo El's Delta Dawn
TM670899/01 11-92
O Pag's Chinook O Five Star
TC960795 05-90
CH Pittore's Pocket Rocket
TC589471 06-88
CH Duggers Call The Wind Maria
TC566277 03-88
Black & Tan
Dugger's Five Star Road Runer
TM917973/02 11-94
CH Five Star's Wild Child
TC224026 07-86
White & Sable
CH Five Stars Dark Colonel
TC062654 06-84
Black & Tan
Dugger's Katherine Ann
TB988987 04-84
Fawn & White
Dugger's Cup Of Tea
TD104851 12-91
Black & Tan
Dugger's Parade Dancer
TC908291 07-89
Black & Tan
Pittore's Jasmine Tea
TC589473 01-88

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