Report Date: 12/30/2008

Research Pedigree - 4 Generation
Schroeder's Masked Iced Ferrarri

Reg Name:Schroeder's Masked Iced Ferrarri
Reg #:TR766494/02 Breed/Variety:Chihuahua
Birth Date:04/16/2008 Sex:Male
Colors/Markings:Black & Tan Spotted On White
Breeder(s):Connie S Mitchell

Schroeder's Masked Iced Ferrarri
Black & Tan Spotted On White
CH Donavin Sethfield Toast Of The Town
TR412947/01 06-08
Black & Tan Spotted On White
AKC DNA #V511123
CH Donavins Chiasso
TR253444/01 12-05
Dartan Tatwo
TP063190/01 11-01
Black Spotted On White
AKC DNA #V305708
CH Ouachitah Rialto
TN322504/01 09-97
Fawn Spotted On White
AKC DNA #V266439
Dartan Hooked On Sugar
TN763063/01 11-00
Black Spotted On White
CH Donavins Solo Ice Princess
TP233187/01 09-04
CH Neben's Solid Gold Solo
TN598244/01 02-99
Gold & White
AKC DNA #V94778
CH Regnier's Bonnie Chenille
TN581225/01 04-99
Fawn Spotted On White
Bliss Hoosier Jou Jou Button
TR072581/03 12-05
Black Sabled Fawn Spotted On White
CH Bliss Hoosier Damen B
TN265934/01 07-96
AKC DNA #P8211
Bliss Hoosier Itza Smallwrld
TC969542 02-90
White & Sable
Bliss Hoosier Red Rose
TC912005 11-89
CH Bliss Hoosier Tempest Storm
TN614543/01 04-00
Fawn Spotted On White
CH Davlyn Windstorm
TN357684/04 05-97
Red Black Sabling
AKC DNA #P8193
Dartan Polka Dots Of Bliss
TN034839/03 12-94
White & Black Fawn Markings
Koniki's Lil Porche
TR582059/03 09-08
Black & Tan White Markings
CH Dw's Cee Spot Run
TR036745/01 07-05
White Spotted On White
AKC DNA #V301715
CH Merriewood Flash To Bang
TN530562/04 10-02
Black & White Fawn Markings
AKC DNA #V155520
Merriewood Chocolate Chip Kid
TM949881/02 08-97
Chocolate & Fawn White Markings
AKC DNA #V99080
Lyd-Don Linda Sue
TD351574 08-92
Fawn & White
CH Ceegee's Second Look
TP015523/01 10-01
Gold White Markings
CH Mivida's The Kings Ransom Cg's
TN223363/03 11-96
Gold White Markings
AKC DNA #V96613
CH Ceegee's Made U Look
TN725455/03 07-00
Black & Tan Spotted On White
Dw's Red's Curley Sue
TR384902/04 03-07
CH O Pag's Bugle Boy O Dianne
TN511833/02 09-00
Red Black Sabling
AKC DNA #V150176
CH Rivercrest Banjo's Boy Jack
TN169564/01 06-97
O Pag's Angelita Bear
TN258757/02 06-97
Prier's Prima Donna
TP303949/02 05-04
Fawn Black Sabling
CH Regalaire-Shears' Dante LC
TM842902/03 06-94
Black White Markings
AKC DNA #V151939
Shears Toybox Pollyanna
TN894466/04 04-02
Black & White

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