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 The Chihuahua  

The Chihuahua, which is the smallest of the toy breeds, has a personality and character all his own. Here is a canine in Miniature who fairly radiates personality; to know him, to really know him as he is, is to love him.
     The Chihuahua asks so little and gives so much in return. He is the smallest, most economical and compact bundle of love and sunshine in dogdom. He has the aggressiveness, alertness, and devotion that I have found in no other breed. He is not a "YAPPY' dog, but a very inquiring and interested little creature who will bark
when his keen sense of hearing warns of the approach of a stranger
or an unusual sound in the house.  He is quiet as he scampers around the house, either playing or searching for  sunny spot in which to rest. A Chihuahua Loves the warmth of the sun, and will spend hours basking in it; many times one will be seen lying in a spot on sun no larger then a half dollar.
   At night while they sleep, most Chihuahuas like to be covered; give them a blanket in their bed, and they will completely cover themselves until they are hidden. Some Chihuahuas have a way of shivering; often an inexperienced person assumes that they are cold, even if it is a hot summerday. It is often a sign of fear when they are wary or unhappy.
     Chihuahuas are always eager to go for a car ride with you and they make wonderful traveling companions. In winter traveling, they enjoy the comforts of a wool sweater because of their extremely short coat; and so clad, they will lie contentedly beside you , enjoying the miles. 
      A Chihuahua can anticipate your moods and feelings, be happy when you are in a good spirits, and sense your grief if you are sad.
They easily rcognize harsh tones, becoming uneasy and restless.
     This toy dog has, on the average, the longest life of any group.
There was once a report of a champion attaining the ripe old age of 19, Another Chihuahua, owned by a lady in chicago, died at the age of 18. This should provide proof that they are a rugged breed.

Some puppies have their ears up before they can walk and they never fall and others are not erect until they are eight or even 12 weeks of age. Some come up today and droop tomorrow. Occacionally, you will find a chihuahua with ears that never stand erect: however, this is rare.  My experience has been that if a pups ears have once been erect, even though they may droop they will always come up again. Some real erect ears might even curl backwards at the tips, and this might give concern. Never worry about a pup's ear that curl backwards, those always are the ones
with nice ears later. Touching their ears with your hand will never
harm them on the contrary!!  If you rub them backwards it helps them and they may stand sooner. 
There are small ears and there are big ears                    that look like the dog can fly.
Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)
Hypoglycemia is defined as a blood glucose or blood sugar concentration of less than 70 milligrams per deciliter of blood.
Symptomes depends on how quickly the blood glucose concentration decreases but rarely occurs until it falls below 50mg.
One common form of hypoglycemia is called Juvenile because
if occurs in Puppies less than three months of age but can occur at any age. This condition is common in all toy breeds. Frequently, this occurs when the dogs suffer stress: during weaning, Missing a meal, improper diet, getting a chill or to much energy being used during the day playing to long at one time.
**** Not matter what stage the chihuahua is at, start emergency care of giving Honey or Karo Syrup (force directly in the mouth)
and continue while you call the Vet.It could save your puppies life, If you do nothing your puppy is not getting any help.
If left unattended, this can be life threatning.
FIRST STAGE: Possible Signs are:
Puppy is not playful
Eyes look unusual
Lack of coordination (stumbling, falling, staggering)

(Critical, seek Vet care)
Body becomes Limp
Puppy does not lift his head easliy

Body completely Limp, usually head tilts backward and is stiffer
Slower Heartbeat
Body Temp Drops
Mouth is stiff and gums become white

If any of these symptoms occur, the purchaser must advise his Vet
as time is of the essence.
If not treated immediatly, the puppy can get worse. even to the extreme of death. When your puppy arrives home, it its extremely
important to make sure it is eating.  I suggest for the smaller
puppies that you don't leave them alone for more then a few hours at a time until you are sure that they are acclimating to you and eating properly.
I suggest that a supplement of nutri-cal is given the first few days.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to assure proper care if such a condition should arise and the purchaser agrees NOT TO HOLD
THE BREEDER ACCOUNTABLE AT ANY TIME  should Hypoglycemia syptoms occur and the purchaser requires the services of a Vet to care for the sick chihuahua puppy.

Male puppies Neutered befor they lift their legs, are just as wonderful at pet as females......Many breeders agree that they are
many times BETTER COMPANIONS then the female.
Chihuahuas, like most canines, have a natural desire to avoid soiling their sleeping area. As soon as they are able to walk, they will teeter out of their bed to relieve themselves away from their bedding. But you want you puppy to do more than just step outside the door of the crate and eliminate there; you want it to go OUTSIDE!  Puppies have a very weak control over their bowels so that is why  you have to take them to their elimination area often.
Forcing a puppy to soil its crate will have a detrimental effect on housebreaking, and will also give you a distastful cleanup problem.
To Avoid accidents, learn to predict when your puppy will have a to 
relieve itself. Immediatly after awakening, and soon after heavy drinking or playing you puppy will urinate.  Your will probably have to carry a younger puppy outside to get it to the elinination area in time.   Right after eating, your puppy will need to defecate.  Circling,
whining, sniffing or generally acting worried are usual signals that defecation is imminent.  Even if the puppy starts to relieve itself, quickly but calmly scoop the puppy and carry it can add
a firm "NO", but yelling and swatting are neither necessary nor effective.  Whe the puppy does relieve itself in it outside Bathroom, REMEMBER TO HEAP ON THE PRAISE and let your chihuahua know how pleased you are.  Repetition it the Key!!


You may wish to papertrain you puppy. Place a Newspaper on the Far end of the room. Away from the puppy's bed or water; near
 a door to outside is best. Place the puppy on the papers as soon
as it starts to relieve itself. A convenient aspect of papertraining is 
that the concept of using paper will transfer to wherever you put the paper, so if you take the paper outside it will act as a training tool there.  You can aslo litter box train you puppy. Place a newspaper or even cat letter into a catbox; add some soiled newspapers or something with the scent of urine, and place the pup in the box when it begins to urinate.  Apartment dwellers may find that a box-trained chihuahua is very convenient on rainy days.
No matter how intellectually gifted you chihuahua is, it probably will not have FULL CONTROL over it bowel until 6 months old. Meanwhile, set the stage for a perfect housetrained pet.

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